First Draft - The Woman Who Bathed in Gold

This story The Woman Who Bathed in Gold based on true events was written by Kodo Nomura.



The Woman Who Bathed in Gold

Kodo Nomura







Instead of the Magistrate

"Koma-san, you're as pretty as ever."

"Oh, Gonji-san, you are as sharp-tongued as ever."

"I'm well known for my sharp tongue, but it's not a crime, unlike Koma-san's beauty."

"What are you saying? You suddenly utter jibes, so be a nice boy."

When these two met, their conversations had this tone.

 神田明神前にささやか[#「ささやか」に傍点]な水茶屋を営んで居る仁兵衛《じんべえ》の娘お駒、国貞《くにさだ》の一枚絵に描かれたほどの美しさで、享保明和の昔の、お仙《せん》お藤《ふじ》にも優るだろうと言われた評判娘が、何《ど》んな廻り合せで懇意になったものか、金座《きんざ》の後藤三右衛門《ごとうさんえもん》に仕われて、草履《ぞうり》を直したり、庭の草まで※[#「てへん+劣」、 ]《むし》って居る、潮吹《ひょっとこ》の権次という三下野郎と、不思議に馬が合うのでした。

Koma, the daughter of Jinbei who ran a small roadside teahouse in front of the Kanda Myojin Shrine, was as pretty as a picture drawn by Kunisada and judged to be more beautiful than Osen and Ofuji. If you happened upon her, she might be working for Goto Sanemon of the gold mint. She also did everything from straightening the sandals to weeding the garden. It was a mystery why she got along well with the small fry, Gonji the Clown.



Logically, there was neither love nor emotion. Koma's beauty sparkled, but Gonji was the clown he was nicknamed. Also, he may have been close to forty years old, appeared to be a footman who had no home or money, lacked dignity and pride, and had no reason to have designs on Koma, a woman with many admirers.

Koma possessed incomparable beauty and a hot temper but despite being only nineteen, she had the ladykillers wrapped around her little finger. Gonji was a cheerful joker, but elusive. Strangely, their friendship seemed mutual.











"But Koma-san, I have a private matter to talk about," joked Gonji and became unexpectedly serious and licked his pursed lips.

"Sounds awful, what is this private talk? It's a confession."

"Koma, it's not a seduction."

"Of course, I'm not surprised being courted by you, but you're not borrowing any pocket change."

"Don't speak so shamefully. I only asked you once because I didn't have enough to split the expenses and would have made a fool of myself. I intended to return your money the next day with a gift."

"If that, including the gift, becomes known, it wouldn't be a problem—"

"Well, that's good. Today, the nation faces a grave matter. Please come with me without making fun."

"The nation faces a grave matter. If I don't listen, it may end up involving Lord Surugadai. Come in here, tee-hee-hee."

"It'll be mistaken for a warrior tale by Okubo Hikozaemon. All right, excuse me."











Gonji pushed through the customers seeing him off with queer looks to follow Koma. For appearances, the front office was separated from the store by just six tatami mats. From time to time, someone seemed to stay there. All the household implements were gathered together.

"Could you open it a little? It gets hot when it's closed."

"Wait a minute. I'll open it after I tell you the whole story."

"But it's April."

"April. May. There's no way to woo a woman with it left open."

"Gonji, do you really intend to seduce me?"

"I came. If I was just ten years younger, I'd probably want to seduce you."

"Even if you were younger, the features on your face couldn't be changed."

"So you say, Koma."

The digression ended.








"Enough with the jokes. Quickly, state your business. Will the shop be all right with Kin working alone?"

Koma returned to the subject at hand. When she sat leaning forward a little, a red material spilled from between her knees. Gonji only saw the pearl-colored skin of her smooth and chubby hands and feet and nails like cherry shell. However, the only surprise was the beauty that graced this woman suffused her entire being.

"I'm going to speak boldly, Koma. You should separate from Aizawa Sozaburo-sama you exchanged vows with."


"I must go to the home of Sannojo-sama, the first born of Goto Sanemon of the gold mint, so I will go as your husband."

"Who says such stupid things? Aren't you being a smart aleck? It's the fault of you acting like a clown, Gonji."

When Koma flew into a rage, she removed the red sash used to tuck up her kimono sleeves to swat Gonji in the face.

 練絹《ねりぎぬ》のような美しい膚《はだ》が、急に茜《あかね》さして、恐ろしい忿怒《ふんぬ》に黒い瞳がキラリと光るのさえ、お駒の場合にはたまらない魅惑です。 「お駒さん、腹を立てるのも尤もだが、これには深いわけがある、落付《おちつ》いて聴いてくれ」












Her beautiful skin like glossy silk reddened instantly, and her black pupils shined with a fierce rage. Nevertheless, Koma's charm was unbearable.

"Koma, I understand your anger, but there is a deep reason. Please calm down and listen."

"Who should calm down? It would be better to be bitten by a dog and die."

Koma shot to her feet, but Gonji grabbed her hem and pulled her back.

"Just like a verse in the *kouta* ballad, more people will be bitten by a dog from this cruel situation I will tell you."

"What are you doing? Let go, please. Grabbing a woman's hem is horrible. I thought your only merit was not being pompous — I'm going to scream."

"Oh, please scream as much as you like. Koma, I won't be mad even if I'm beaten up and thrown out. If you broke up with Sonan-sama and rush to Goto's son's home, I'm not boasting, but it's okay to cut out my stomach in great pain."

"What are you saying?"

"No one will listen. Koma, I will tell you everything. The instigator is the commissioner of finance, Yabe Suruga-no-kami-sama."


"Koma, instead of Yabe Suruga-no-kami-sama, I came to convince you. Please listen."

Goji's voice was muted. Koma sagged down before him like she was grabbed and pulled down.


 天保四年、七年再度の大飢饉の恐ろしさは、書いたものにも故老の話にも語り伝えましたが、特に八年は窮乏の絶頂で日本全土の人間が菜色《さいいろ》になったと言っても宜い有様、江戸から東北へかけて、文字通り餓※[#「くさかんむり/孚」、 ]《がひょう》野《の》に横《よこた》わるという悲惨な日が続きました。




The Mission to Uncover Ill-Gotten Gains

The horrors of severe famines in Tenpo year 4 (1833) and again in year 7 were passed down in the stories told by the elders and in writings. However, at the peak of destitution in year 8, people in all of Japan were said to be in good condition despite having ghastly pale complexions. From Edo to Tohoku, miserable days continued to stretch over dying fields caused by starvation.

The rebellion of Oshio Heihachiro in Osaka occurred in February. Even in Edo, its popularity began to sink in the spring when hundreds died of starvation everyday.

There was talk of opening the shogunate's storehouses to invigorate the poor and loosening the circulation of money put under pressure by the minting of bad money. But, at that time, there was never talk about fundamental ideas like lowering the price of rice or saving tens of thousands of poor people.

The commissioner of finance Yabe Suruga-no-kami was later entrapped by Toriikai-no-kami and died of resentment without seeing the last days of Mizuno Echizen-no-kami. Not only during the Tenpo years but during the three-hundred-year reign of the Tokugawa, he could be counted among the good officials.





At that time, he was young and healthy. He feared being replaced by a novice commissioner of finance who did not command respect, but he avoided doing his job in a way that would be considered too harsh.

The first to be noticed was a government official at the gold and silver mints under the commission of finance. Each time money was minted, he received a portion (one hundredth, income of ten ryo each in a minting of one thousand ryo) and had other perks. Goto Sanemon is said to have a personal fortune exceeding one million ryo. A capital crime committed by Goto of the gold mint many years ago in Koka year 2 (1845) was the charge of slandering superiors. In fact, the minting of bad money was connected to Toriikai-no-kami because he had amassed too much illegitimate private property.

Not to be outdone, a government official at the silver mint lived in extreme luxury. The rumors were a mid-level official Koninami had a house filled with gold koban coins, paid for grilled eel with *nibukin* coins, had expenses exceeding one thousand ryo, and built three country villas.

Suruga-no-kami thought about accepting monetary offerings to aid the poor from this official at the gold and silver mints, but it was an inappropriate plan. In the role of the commissioner of finance, it was nothing for him to take official trips to the gold mint to investigate. The inner storehouse groaning with gold at the private home of Goto Sanemon in Fukiya-cho was not investigated despite being misused. The head of the gold and silver mints was circumspect like today's president of the Bank of Japan. However, the commissioner of finance rarely had reason to point a finger. If improper savings were not found when investigated, this would become a device for him to commit harakiri.











Therefore, the meticulous and virtuous Suruga-no-kami was unable to bear watching more and more townspeople and farmers being added to this wretched condition every day and released spies into the homes the officials of the gold and silver mints. They investigated the presence of savings from their daily lives and even copied drawings and furnishings of the main residence and the villas.

News in those days was published in *Kasshi Yawa*, the collection of essays written by the daimyo Matsura Seizan. It appears that the benevolent official Suruga-no-kami had the policy of spying during his entire lifetime.

"What could he be hiding? I'm the spy attached to Goto of the gold mint by Yabe Suruga-no-kami."


Koma was surprised. The clown Gonji only talked nonsense. A spy of the commissioner of finance was unthinkable to Koma who saw amazing people in business.

Also, Gonji would stake his life to enter the gold mint and readily confided in her. Mysteriously, Koma couldn't bear it knowing how strict the secrecy system was in those days.

"If I talk too much about this matter, you will probably be surprised, Koma, but all the orders come from Suruga-no-kami. But all by myself, I'm not wise."


"Listen to me, Koma. The life circumstances of other public officials were understood during investigations in February and March. Only the circumstances of Goto Sanemon, the essential man himself, are not known. They say large gold *koban* coins are bent in Okugura Mitomae in Fukiya-machi, no one has gotten in to see. We only know rumors. Suruga-no-kami is finished with riddles about money offerings."











"I'll be living in a mansion in Fukiya-machi for six months. Different from Kominami at the silver mint, Goto at the gold mint was well trained and never saw the face of a koban outside of his wages of four koban a year. I don't know if it's true or false, but they say if you enter the inner storehouse of Mitomae, you will never leave that place alive. If executed, I'll transform and return home, and intend to tell Suruga-no-kami-sama. I won't have another chance for six months."


"Sanemon holds the key to the Mitomae storehouse and no one else can open it."


Gonji's talk eventually touched on the core, and Koma felt like plugging her ears while she was listening.

Koma had broken off with a lower-ranking official in the Commission of Finance, Aizawa Sozaburo, who secretly pledged to marry her, and recently has been ardently going to see Goto Sanemon's son Sannojo in the private home of Goto in Fukiya-machi. He's going to ask to search inside the three storehouses.

The most likely case is Koma will flatly decline, but her rival is not Yabe Suruga-no-kami. What will be the fateful combination? At the time Suruga-no-kami still had a small stipend of fifteen hundred koku and held the position of inspector of arsons and robberies, your father Jinbei committed an unexpected crime and was nearly exiled but was saved by the magnanimous treatment by Suruga-no-kami and is in great debt to him.

"Goto's son visits the Myoujin shrine everyday and drinks undrinkable tea. Lord Yabe is well aware of this. For a long time, however, he has asked for little as gratitude and said not to ask Jinbei or Koma."









"I understand Lord Yabe's disposition very well. The Mitomae storehouse in Fukiya-machi cannot be opened without a woman's skill."


"Koma, I'm not asking for too much, but please leave the grounds by yourself and see if two *to* of rice can be eaten for one *ryo* on the streets of Edo? (The price of rice increased to two *jo* eight *shaku* for one hundred *mon*)."


Gonji tearfully choked on his words.

"In the country, the roots of bracken, mud snails, and the skins of straw and cedar are eaten. The people of Edo will eat anything. Yesterday, three people at the Shohei-bashi Bridge. Today, two people in Ochanomizu. In this corner of the world, tens or hundreds of people drop dead on the street. Who knows how many in the whole world. Relief shacks are here and there. But compared to the number of mouths of people in trouble in Edo, it's like pouring water over a hot stone. And lately, large numbers of people are seen flooding into relief huts outside the nearby Sujikai-hashi and Izumi-bashi, and each is given a cup of gruel."










"Why am I saying this? The government's treasury is empty. There's no money even in shells. Ten thousand koku was spent on rice. Isn't that good? The town wants to buy at least one hundred thousand ryo in rice and sell it at half price. If Suruga-no-kami-sama doesn't have three hundred thousand ryo, he's at a loss for what to do until new rice appears. That large amount of money cannot be squeezed from the townspeople. It's only in the pockets of the officials in the gold and silver mints where the koban coins are moaning."

"Okay, I understand, Gonji."


Koma raised her head and stopped Gonji's gabbing. She said, "I don't understand the logic, but far away and next door, three meals cannot foolishly become sipping hot water. I know that the weak, the old, and the young will die one after the other. These days, to say the color of love is useless. I'll go."


"I will go to the home of Goto's son, get inside of that Mitomae storehouse, and see what's in there."

"You can do that, Koma?"

「だけどもさ、あの青瓢箪《あおびょうたん》野郎の儘《まま》になると思えば、私は口惜《くや》しい」 「お駒さん」







"I can but if you think I'll become a pasty-faced wimp, I will be ashamed."


"Why was I born so pretty?"

"What are you saying, Koma?"

"I want to cry. Gon-ji, may I borrow your lap?"

"It's the least I can do."

Koma laid her head on Gonji's lap and surrendered to tears. The description of the body floating could truly be used only this time.

The tears of the beautiful woman like hot water flowed through the cotton-padded clothes to his thighs. Gonji was bewildered but persevered. Hers was a frightening charm.










Sacrifice Oneself to Save Another

"Do you know Aizawa-san?"

Koma was tired from crying and quiet for a while. After about an hour passed, her head snapped up. Her face washed clean by tears blushed like fresh plums. Her stifling, charmless scent of the nineteen-year-old woman scattered in the air.

"I know him. Master Aizawa and I searched together, but we could not manage only Fukiya-cho. In the end, I lost patience, that's why I'm asking you,"

said Gonji who had been enjoying the beautiful woman's tears until now but awoke from his dream.

"If you know him that much, why don't you go in yourself?"

"I can't tell you that to your face, Koma."

"You have no spine."









"Is that so? If this were a story of a break up from another good woman, would you ask that person? If I accept that role and break up to save the people of Edo will you think poorly of me?"

"It's not a joke, Koma. Master Aizawa was timid. That's all. It's hard for me to ask you to break up."


A strangely incongruous feeling, Koma buried her chin in her collar and thought.

"Koma, don't have hard feelings about Master Aizawa."

"I don't think he's bad but a man with no pride."


















"Where is that warrior?"


"Be quiet. I hate a man whose woman is taken and he chews his finger and withdraws."


"Gonji-san, please be quiet. If I don't get mad, I'll get discouraged about going to the home of Goto's son.



Gonji did not seem comforted, was quiet, and stared at the woman in a disturbed state.

"Koma, it's understandable, but Aizawa-san committed no crime."

"Quiet please. Gon-ji, you're not nosey. Becoming a spy, being glib about affairs of the heart, dammit, I fell in love."


Gonji seemed to jump back. Koma's look was dreadful.

"Gon-ji, I am sorry."

"Koma, please take courage."

"Aizawa-san is an officer in the Commission of Finance, a wealthy man with a stipend of two hundred koku, and engaged to marry. I am the daughter of the proprietor of a roadside teahouse and the unaccomplished one in this lopsided pairing. If it's stupid, why won't he tell me so?"

"Koma, that is difficult. Aizawa-san has no intention of throwing you away and has prepared no plans with the aim of ridding himself of a nuisance."






"I understand, Gon-ji, so I'll go alone to the home of that wimp Goto. I will sacrifice myself to save the people living a hard life in Edo, no, in all of Japan. What about Aizawa-san?"


"Well, if I return, as you say. I'll break off from Aizawa-san."

Koma stood and approached the faint, lingering evening light shining through the window.

A dressing table was placed there. When she took off the cover, a polished mirror reflected her face made beautiful by the cleansing with tears.

It was time to pay a visit to Goto Sannojo.













Koma's Wish to Go to the Mansion in Fukiya-cho

"Oh, Goto-sama."

"Koma, you're in a wonderful mood today."

"Because no one is here..."

"Ha, ha, ha."

The son Sannojo of Goto Sanemon of the gold mint was a little weak and pale. But no matter how you looked at him, he was a fine, young samurai. He made his lone servant wait in the shop front and, as always, quickly passed inside.

"How do you manage to look prettier than usual?"

He swept the hem of his haori coat to the side and took a slightly affected posture with his fan tilted. The young Sannojo was twenty-five or -six years old.

"Oh Sir, you have come."

"Ah, ha, ha."

"I thought today I would give you my response to the matter of the other day. I've been waiting for you since the morning."

Koma sat to the side and gently bent the upper half of her body, and looked up at Sannojo's blank face.










He said, "Thank you for that. Is it good luck, partly lucky, but surely not bad luck?"

"It's neither good nor bad luck. I well understand your wish, consulted with my father, and in the end, will follow his advice."

"Oh, really? If the final story is welcomed, the assets of this teahouse will be stored away, and your favorite place;hellip;"

"Excuse for interrupting."

"What is it, Koma?"

"If I am by your side, will it be as your mistress? I would not dislike being a servant, but I'd prefer going to the mansion in Fukiya-cho."

"Now, that's an odd wish. Wouldn't you feel confined?"

"I'm aware of that. But having been born a woman and given the favor of being pledged to as a fine man as you, I wish to see, even if only for a day, the mansion of the gold mint."







Sannojo's pride in his family made Koma's wish sound reasonable.

"Master, is something the matter? I hate being surrounded by the ordinary, no matter how comfortable."

"Wait, wait. Don't say I can't go to Fukiya-cho. First, I will tell father. Soon soon tell the good or bad news."

"Please, Master, please," pleaded Koma and clung to the knees of Sannojo she had never approached. As she vigorously shook them, she flung out all her flattery, willfulness, charm, and sweet scent.








Please, Take Me to the Storehouse

Unexpectedly, the conversation advanced smoothly. Being single until twenty-six and never looking at any woman other than Koma, Sannojo triumphed and moved his stubborn father Sanemon. Finally, he admitted Koma with the title of servant. That was three days ago.

Koma easily rode into Fukiya-cho and entered the vast mansion. When she mixed in among the dozens of servants, the beauty of Koma attracted their attention.

Koma won the reputation as firebrand and unexpectedly served obediently. Sanemon was a little surprised.

Two, three, and five days passed.

The frightening starvation after crop failures ended in stagnation like wet ash in Edo had froze over. The Goto mansion in Fukiya-cho mixed prosperity and pleasure.

Although Koma was called a servant, in fact, she was the favorite concubine of the young master Sannojo. Her existence gradually became clear like a flame, but still had not reached the dream of getting close to the inner Mitomae storehouse.














On the seventh day, Koma lost patience.

"Master." Sannojo tired and made drowsy by tired of Koma's caress was pulled out of his sweet dream.

"What is it, Koma?"

Soon Koma slipped off the bed and sat on Sannojo's pillow in a nagajuban robe.

Perhaps because of the lantern light shining on one side, her always breathtakingly, beautiful face was oddly tense. Her hand pushing on the tatami mat trembled.

"I can't sleep."

"Relax and you'll sleep. No one is up now.

Sannojo sounded like he was humoring a child who wouldn't go to bed, but Koma vigorously shook her slightly loose Shimada hairdo.

"No, I'm beside myself. Should I splash you with water? Even if it's the cellar, I can't sleep if I don't get in."

"If …"

Sannojo teased her a little and sat up and thought a woman this passionate may be her peculiar nature.























"Please Master. Take me inside the back storehouse in Mitomae."

"I will not," said Sannojo slightly surprised.

"Why not?"

"If my father does not permit it, no one can enter."

"Even during the night?"

"Day or night, it doesn't matter."

"Oh," said Koma as she spun around displaying her back.

"Koma, are you asleep?"

"You go to sleep. I'm not tired."

"I give up."

The talking soon ended. Koma did not move, and Sannojo did not take his eyes off of her beautiful back.

"What is inside that storehouse?"


Koma's question shocked Sannojo a little.

"Rumors say there are large and small gold coins."


"Can I have a peek?"

"Don't spring questions like that. Why don't you try to sleep?"

"But I can't sleep. I'm hot like I'm on fire."

Koma took Sannojo's hand and placed it between her breasts. He didn't find it hot, but the pulse of her fast beating heart carried to his hand.















"Why do you say that?"

"I want to try to cool my hot skin with money."


"I want to surround my burning body with bright yellow gold coins and cool down from the pit of the stomach."

"That's stupid."

"Please let me, Master. I feel like I'm burning up. I can't stand it."

Koma encouraged by her own words stood and pulled Sannojo from the bed.

"What are you doing?"

"Master, let's go to the storehouse. I don't desire riches, I just want to see money worth tens of thousands of ryo all at once with my own eyes."


"Is it so wrong to enter the storehouse and admire the money? Let's go. I want to bathe in the large and small gold coins to cool this fever."


"If we don't go, please take me home. Not tomorrow, right now. Take me back to Myojin-sama's teahouse. I will sleep on the wooden bed to cool my body. I don't want to see cotton bedding."

Koma clung to Sannojo and did not let go. The body heat of her passion was terrific. Sannojo was only confused.








In the Golden Dragon

Koma finally persuaded Sannojo. The two snuck into the bedroom of his father like a butterfly with two wings and crept to the pillow. They carried out a key inside a small box and a hand key hanging on a post.

"Sh, Quiet."

Before reaching the Mitomae storehouse lined up inside, Sannojo had to scold Koma a number of times.

Koma was ecstatic and vindictively entangled herself in Sannojo.

Where the hallway stopped, the dawn lit the wire netting. Sannojo removed and held it in his left hand, and opened the storm shutter and hung it in front of the center storehouse door.

He removed the biggest padlock and opened the door to the inner room with plaster walls. Inside was a double-wooden door. That was for the hand key. It opened with no trouble.

"Don't make a sound."













Inside the Golden Dragon

Holding a basket lantern, Sannojo beckoned Koma and went inside.

Initially, she was blinded by the agitation of her heart. When she settled down, the scene inside the storehouse was more spectacular than she imagined.

To her left and right, chests containing one thousand ryo were stacked into cone-shaped mountains. She had no idea how many hundreds there were, but large and small gold coins were piled like pebbles in front of her.

Gold in the forms of bricks, bars, bullion, and nuggets was mixed in. The nuggets seemed to have stones and wood inside like they were just dug out of the earth. The pure bright yellow radiated in the lantern light. The magnificent sight left her speechless.

"What do you think, Koma?"

When he raised the lantern, seeming to boast a bit, "Ah!" screamed Koma and ran out.

She ran up the golden mountain, spun around a few times. She scooped up gold with both hands and made a waterfall of large and small gold coins rain down on her head.

The glittering gold washed the beautiful woman's skin and clanged sharply against the floor, walls, and windows.

Koma was in a frenzy. Originally saying she wanted to wrap her body in gold was an excuse but when she saw this amazing golden mountain, she fulfilled her promise. She could not help dancing wildly in the gold.














Two Hundred Thousand Ryo Stained With Blood

At precisely that moment, Goto Sanemon opened his eyes. The sounds of gold touching gold echoed from somewhere. Although faint, they were enough to disturb the dreams of Sanemon.

He instinctively looked at the box at his pillow, and the key for the storehouse was gone.

Taken aback, he raised his eyes to look at the post and realized the long key that should have been hanging on the post was gone.

Sanemon tightened his belt and pushed a blade into his belt. He grabbed a short spear and went out to the hall.

One storm shutter was open.

He did not hesitate when he thought he heard sounds coming from inside the storehouse. When he placed his hand on the wooden door, "Master, you're in danger," came from somewhere. A man of average height blocked his way.

"What is this? Is that you Gonji? Thieves are inside. You go back and wake everyone."

"And you Master?"

"I am going inside."

Goto Sanemon feared nothing.















"You're in danger, Master."

Gonji did not move away from in front of the storehouse door. If Sanemon entered from here, Gonji had no idea what would happen.

"Get out of my way!"

Sanemon had no more patience and pushed past Gonji to open the oak door and went inside.


A pale light shone inside on the golden rain and flood.

"You whore!"

When he saw Koma prevent the flood of gold and continued her frenzy, Sanemon's short sword thrust out.


The flesh of the beautiful woman blushed pink and collapsed onto the golden mountain. Red blood from her chest gushed out like a waterfall.

"Gonji, Gonji-san," said Koma and raised her head. She felt inklings of something outside the storehouse but collapsed into the pool of her blood and stopped breathing.

Gonji heard the sounds of the gold, continued screaming, and his shouting voice. He was ready to fly inside a number of times, but reconsidered and scrambled out the gate.

His path took him to the Commission of Finance and the mansion of Yabe Suruga-no-kami. His head was muddled. As he wheezed and gasped, Gonji's clownish face wept silently.


「仁兵衛娘、駒、親許の承諾を得、仮親を立てて、拙者の妻に申受くることに相成った、奉公中気の毒であるが早速引渡して貰い度い」と言う口上です。 三右衛門も、倅三之丞も申開きが付きません。奉公人を手討にするのはよくある例で、金蔵へ盗みに行ったと言えば事が済むようなものですが、その金蔵は数十万両の金が、血潮に染んで居ては、検視の受けようが無く、第一、権次が勘定奉行の隠密と解っては、争う余地もありません。







The next morning, Sergeant Aizawa Sozaburo of the Commission of Finance rode into the residence of Goto Sanemon escorted by Gonji.

His statement was "The miserable service in which I became the adopted parent of Koma, the daughter of Jinbei, with the consent of her father and the acceptance by my wife is immediately surrendered."

Sanemon and his son Sannojo were not vindicated. In the many examples of murdering a servant, the case concludes when the servant is accused of robbing the treasury. In that treasury, however, blood was smeared over several tens of thousands of ryo. There wasn't going to be an inquest, but Gonji was revealed to be a spy for the commissioner of finance, and that claim was disputed.

Without a word, Sanemon immediately paid two hundred thousand ryo to the government.

This is a famous story from history. He submitted an application to retire from active life, and for the matter to be pursued no further. That was not allowed.

The two hundred thousand ryo stained with Koma's blood was the capital used to save the poor people. The conditions of the Great Tenpo Famine were alleviated.

Yabe Suruga-no-kami became the magistrate of Komachi and died in year 13 of Tenpo. Nothing is known about the end of Aizawa Sozaburo. They say the clown Gonji became a Buddhist priest. Ever since Koma's tears wetted his knees, he was chilled to the bone and the world became a cheerless place.


The End

  • 黄金を浴びる女
  • 著者名: 野村胡堂
  • 入力:門田裕志
  • 校正:阿部哲也
  • 翻訳者:シェリー・マーシャル
  • The Woman Who Bathed in Gold (in Japanese)
  • Author: Kodo Nomura
  • Input by: Hiroshi Kadota
  • Revised by: Tetsuya Abe
  • Translated by: Shelley Marshall
© 2018 Shelley Marshall