First Draft - The Musical Bath at Eighteen Hundred

This science fiction story, The Musical Bath at Eighteen Hundred, was written by Juza Unno, who is credited as one of the fathers of Japanese science fiction. But Japanese science fiction has two daddies, and the other father is Shunro Oshikawa.

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The Musical Bath at Eighteen Hundred

Juza Unno



The Earth was in twilight under the Sun.


In his country directly below the advance of the band of twilight, the time signal at the exact moment of eighteen hundred begins to solemnly jolt the hearts of the one million residents.




"Hey, it's eighteen hundred."

"The musical bath at eighteen hundred."

"Quick, everybody take a seat so you're not late!"


In Arishia Ward, Dr. Kohaku, a male student Pen, and a female student Bara were cut off. Before they heard the time signal, the three opened the door and jumped out into the blue corridor.


In the blue corridor, seats made from thick, metal pipes shining a silver light and formed into spiral shapes were lined up for a long distance.


The three skipped over to the seat bearing each one of their names. On that cue, three yellow windows in the ceiling opened, and a yellow shower fell on top of their heads from the windows. The shower was refreshing.


The three were silent as they waited for the musical bath to begin.


Dr. Kohaku was a middle-aged man with long, jet-black hair smoothed and combed to the back. He wore a jet-black uniform. He was tall with a slender build. He had refined features and under his slightly pale skin, a quiet passion, but seemed to be simmering. The doctor dropped his hips deep inside the spiral seat, placed his elbows on his knees as if in some kind of meditation. From time to time, his rounded eyelids jerked in his eye sockets. Underneath, his eyeballs seemed to be tortured and in agony.










The male student Pen was young like the female student Bara. Pen slowly extended his hand toward Bara sitting next to him and touched her plump buttocks so she wouldn't notice.


Her scolding was without words.

The back of Pen's hand turned red and swelled up. Nevertheless, Pen's hand appealed then seduced.

Bara's hand whispered to Pen's hand, "Wait two more hours."

Pen's hand stubbornly appealed.

"Before two hours are up, I may not be here. So you should at least..."

"Sh! The warning signal sounded."







The loudspeaker started to shout toward the corridor. It warned, "In the adjacent Arishiro Ward, one person is missing."

From their seats, the three turned their heads to the right, like they were about to quarrel, to look over at Arishiro Ward. When the door opened at that time, a man jumped out from inside. He jumped like a frog into his seat in a great panic.

"Ah, that's Poru. Ah, ha, ha," laughed Pen.

"That waste-matter battery was dissected by him again. A disgusting man. Blech!" spat out Bara.






At that moment, a stretch of corridor was dyed by ultraviolet light.

Dr. Kohaku abruptly raised his head.

He warned the students, "That's the musical bath. Raise both hands..."




When the six hands of the three were raised high, music like a hushed groan could be heard coming from underground.

"Dammit. It's that annoying spirit thief No. 39!"

Pen cursed from his chest.


National Music No. 39 was transmitted through the spiral seats and gradually increased in power. The doctor stared into space. Bara closed her eyes, and her lips trembled. While Pen's upper and lower teeth gnashed, greasy sweat flowed in drops from his forehead.



The national music gradually intensified and steamed the bases of the brains of the population like boiling water. Here and there under the corridor dyed purple, the groans of a beast started. The walls echoed with a crack like a shot from a cannon.

The purple purgatory!



The cold sweat and moans of the residents were carried, and the musical bath moved forward. Thirty minutes passed. Little by little the purple light rays faded. Soon a shower of invigorating winds bathed the people's heads from the circular yellow windows would start.

That was the final curtain of the musical bath.




The residents on the spiral chairs looked up at the ceiling as if waking from a nightmare and watched the next group.

"Oh, the musical bath is over."

"That was fast. A mountain of fibers is waiting for us in the factory."




"Yeah, the difference from yesterday's plan must be recovered today."

The residents burst with energy and jumped out their spiral chairs.

Both Pen and Bara returned to Arishia Ward with fit legs following behind a spry Dr. Kohaku, who was like another man.








A phone call came from the Aroaa Ward.

Dr. Kohaku went out to the receiver and pressed the button. When he thought the mirror surface was rippling, a face covered by the hair of President Miruki floated into view.

"Mr. President. Long life to the nation's Miruki!" greeted Dr. Kohaku.

"Doctor, I would like a brief private talk with you."

Miruki's beard moved as he spoke.




The doctor understood and turned back to order Pen and Bara to the workshop next door.

The two grabbed the papers scattered over the desktop and pushed the door and went to the adjacent room like they were fleeing.

"No one is in the room. Is there a problem?"


"Oh, nothing like that. I only wish to express my respect to the doctor. Through the power of the doctor's musical bath, this country is completely cured. When the musical bath ended, everyone seemed reborn. Everyone burns with the same national idea and strives to work with the same enthusiasm. They have all become as you thought. They are exactly like mechanical men. Vicious, dangerous people were transformed into model citizens by the thirty minutes of your musical bath. Everyone is in perfect health. It is thanks to the doctor that we have these fine citizens. I wish to express my deepest gratitude."





"Mr. President, please clearly state your business."

"Hmmm," the beard shook, "Well, your current research includes artificial humans. However, I think wouldn't it be best to discontinue that research?"

"Did you say discontinue research on artificial humans? Why?"

"Well, because of the musical bath at eighteen hundred, don't all of the citizens have thoughts like steel and health like steel? All of them are ideal human beings. If so, where is the need for fabricating the artificial humans? The research costs of artificial humans rose to half of the national budget. Why is there the need to spend this huge amount? With the musical bath system, I want to say that there is no need for artificial humans. Doctor, what do you think?"




"Mr. President, I understand what you are saying. I'd like to you consider one thing."

"If you could just...Ah, I forgot. My wife would like to meet you. Can you come tonight?"

"Oh, I would love to. I will visit this evening at twenty hundred."


In the adjacent workshop, Pen and Bara feverishly made calculations. The two were so absorbed in their work they were oblivious to each other. This effect of the musical bath was marvelous. In this country, the hour after the bath was the most valuable time. All important work was done within a short time with superhuman ability. The national defense shield, nourishing foods, and mixed bacteria were all improved or newly designed during this period. When this time passed, it was time for work not requiring creativity, play, or sleep.


The musical bath at eighteen hundred simultaneously made every citizen a supergenius for an hour. The next twenty-three hours dragged out sound ideas from the citizens. The true nature of the musical bath was the generation of vibrational music crawling underground at the Central Sound Generation Laboratory. This music is transmitted through the spiral chairs to the human brain to massage the brain cells and make ordinary people superior. Currently, National Music No. 39 is used, but by order of President Miruki, Dr. Kohaku has added improvements upon improvements, and is music suited to creating the so-called Model No. 39 Standard Human. Model No. 39 was the model of human being that satisfied the stipulations in the Conditions for Thirty-Nine Powers required by the president for the citizens.


A complete listing of the Conditions of Thirty-Nine Powers is withheld, but among them were, for example, annoying conditions set by President Miruki, such as loyalty to the president, tenacity, no desire for alcohol, no smoking, four hours of sleep to maintain health, and acknowledgement of the president at the sight of a beard.


When Dr. Kohaku accomplished this feat, the president became ecstatic and joyous. It was no surprise when the test subject of the nation's worst felon immediately reformed, as hoped, into a model citizen. Although the president wanted a non-stop twenty-four-hour broadcast of the successful musical bath over the radio, he abandoned that idea due to Dr. Kohaku's objections. His reason was the musical bath abnormally stimulates brain cells, and too much stimulation would destroy the brain cells and cause sudden death in human beings. Therefore, as under the current law, the bath was limited to thirty minutes a day as the doctor advised. However, the president believed in a longer application time if there were an opportunity, and that the souls of the nation's citizens wanted to fully accept it. Earlier, the doctor was happy to create the perfect human being, but he was being nothing more than courteous. In reality, the citizens continued to be nervous about the president's wish for a full twenty-four hours of the musical bath, although it was not because discontent had not been removed from their lives.




It was past nineteen hundred.

In the old way of telling time, nineteen hundred was seven o'clock in the evening. In this country buried underground, it doesn't grow light or grow dark, life's activities always took place under artificial light. The sun's rays were only cast on the Earth's surface corresponding to the roofs of their country. Not even one butterfly was on the surface of the Earth. In the frequent wars, the Earth's surface was a landscape made desolate by bacteria and poison gasses where not even a blade of grass grew. Only the surviving human beings, a few domesticated animals, and parasites sequestered underground and bred.


「ええおい、まったくこれはばかばかしいことじゃないか」 とポールが大きなジェスチュアをしながらペンをそそのかすように言った。

It was now just past nineteen hundred as said. The male student Pen of Arishia Ward and Poru, a male shoe worker of Arishiro, were absorbed in conversation while gazing at honey in jars in their private rooms.

"Hey, this is totally stupid, right?" said Poru as he made an exaggerated gesture to convince Pen.








"Yup," said Pen a little embarrassed.

"No, not yup, Pen. Our freedom is being shackled, and our individuality ignored. In essence, we human beings smoke cigarettes and drink sake. The president does neither. Why is life worth living?"

"Hey, not so loud. It'd be bad if someone heard."

"What? If someone heard, he'd definitely think I'm right. That sorry fello who doesn't think it's true is still duped by that National Music No. 39."

"If you say so, Poru. The musical bath President Miruki is so proud of doesn't seem to work on you."

"You're right. Of course," said Poru triumphantly and squared his shoulders. "This is a big secret, but touch my butt, just a little," said Pen. His eyes shined with curiosity and he felt Poru's butt over his pants. His hand felt something ripply like a bamboo basket.




"Whoa, what's that? What did you put in there?"

"He, he, he. Don't you know? I spent the last year weaving this vibration attenuator. As you know, very little of that musical bath enters the ears. Almost all of it is transmitted through the spiral chairs from the corridor and enters into the body. So if this vibration attenuator under your butt, the vibrations from song No. 39 transmitted from the spiral chair can be mostly held back. So I'm not intoxicated by that man-eating music."

Hmmm. Of course. But you're doing an awful thing. What happens if they find out?"


"I think if they find out, Pen talked. Right? If not, nobody knows. I'm very good at moaning like I'm being hit by that man-eating music. And a cold sweat drips out. You don't know it, but a microphone is hidden in the front of the seat. So my groaning voice is sent to the monitoring station in the minister's office. The moaning of the shoe worker Poru clearly went out to the self-recording device. If you forget to groan, an alarm rings. I don't make that mistake."


Pen's face became more amazed. A proud man eaten up by President Miruki who has the world's attention was among his closest friends. Behind the strong politics is a strong opposition movement. Pen thought this was not only Poru's crime. If he talked with Poru, he felt the anesthesia of the musical bath gradually melt away. Like Poru, he also thought he was a man who cursed President Miruki.







"Hey Poru, I have to warn you about Bara. That woman despises you like a useless battery. It would be terrible if she got wind of this secret."

"Isn't Bara your wife? If you're careful, she'll never know."

"Yeah. Bara is a sharp woman like a man. I can't control her."

"Pen, because you're her husband, don't make such shameful complaints."

"No, hasn't the business of the husband been shut down? When I married that woman, the world became less dreary."

"Are you serious? I broke up. Maybe, I should look for a wife, who do you think?"





"I'm not joking. There isn't a woman with superior congeniality. Hey, Poru, I think you don't have guy friends, women friends are good."

"What? Women friends?" Poru rounded his mouth and winked.

"Pen, is that true?"

"I really think so, why do you ask? Of course. Why do you ask that?" Without saying a word, Poru grabbed Pen's hand and hauled him away. He pulled him into the shadow of a partition screen standing in a corner of the room.




There were sounds of rustling clothes. Poru's coat hung over the top of the partition. Then came a slap and a leather article hung down.

Then Pen's surprised voice was heard from inside. Poru's commanding voice pushed through, and Pen shouted.

"Aaah! This thing. The rumor was you dissected your body yourself. What is this horrible surgery? You just became vile to me!"







As promised, it was precisely twenty hundred.

A single human figure lingered in the doorway of the Aroaa Ward. He was a tall man.

Mrs. Miruki was written on the doorplate.

The door soundlessly and slowly lowered.

Inside, he saw a wall stretched with pure white silk damask. A lone beautiful woman stood out like a carving. From the chin down she wore the latest dress like an outfit reaching her wrists and ankles rather than clothes exactly matching her body from the same pure white silk damask. On top, she wore a wide, sparkly, transparent gown made from an extremely thin flexible glass.





"Oh, you must be Dr. Kohaku?" said the president's wife in a voice like the chime of a silver bell as she respectfully kneeled before him.

"I swear my loyalty to you, Madam."

Mrs. Miruki smiled and led the doctor to an inner room. The room was a salon decorated to dazzle with a gold and red pattern, even the ceiling and the floor. A large table made from glass was in the center of the room. Expensive crystal vessels were crowded on top. A splendid dinner had been prepared. Mrs. Miruki took the chair opposite the doctor.




In the center of the large glass table stood an object resembling a tall shelf. The wife pressed the button to start a conveyor, like an elevator, that moved up and down in a back and forth motion inside the shelf. Old sake and fine cuisine quietly rose up from under the table and mechanically carried before her husband and the doctor. Naturally, unused plates were lowered under the table and no longer visible. When the wife raised a glass of 1937 vintage wine, the doctor raised his glass like an opposition movement. The husband took a pinch of bee larvae and brought them to his mouth. The doctor also did that. The leisurely conversation began.

"Doctor, the musical bath you designed has an astounding effect. Even President Miruki is quite delighted. I too am willing to show my respect for you."

The doctor said nothing and lowered his head.




"But doctor," said the wife putting down the glass of wine, "the distinguished service of the musical bath is immense. I worry about serious crimes being committed at the same time as the musical bath."

The doctor's body stiffened. Only his mouth moved when he said, "What do you mean by serious crime?"


"There is treason against humanity. National Music No. 39 is possible only under the selfless control conditions of the supporters. That does not consider making changes to produce the best circumstances for manipulating people and may not be difficult to affect people living with this change. Actually, owing to the musical bath, the nation's citizens became different in physique, vitality, and conduct. On the other hand, ignoring humanity builds up toxins in the citizens' bodies. That accumulates day and night, and should soon reach the point of explosion. I am seeing a portion of the citizens already noticing this buildup of toxins."






"Although toxins accumulate, doesn't the musical bath everyday at eighteen hundred eliminate them?"

"It only seems to. They're removed temporarily, but not entirely removed. Anesthesia is always anesthesia. An intelligen man like you should have noticed."

"Mrs. Miruki, I pledge my loyalty to the president and am a scholar who only acts under his order."

"Silence. You say you are nothing more than the scientist who discovered the musical bath and the artificial human being. Why, oh why, are you only a scientist? You are more than a scientist. You are an outstanding politician. You are a great man President Miruki cannot match."

"That is an exaggeration. I am nothing more than a lone citizen who pledged his loyalty. The best sort of man works with loyalty when ordered."



"Is that so? Better than Miruki ruling this country, you may be the better choice. If you were the ruler, I would be one hundred times happier. Doctor, please look at me. Please look at my trembling lips. There is no man in this world other than you I should give my body and soul to. Will you hug me? Please tell me what to do. For you, I will do anything. If I, Miruki's beautiful wife, open my lips to speak before the citizens of the country, the citizens will do as I say. My true honor and love are for Dr. Kohaku. If I say everyone please pledge loyalty to the doctor, every last citizen would stand and do the same. Then we will build a better nation. A new nation will be built to advance all human desires of love, sexual desires, or tastes. Hurry, hug me."

Mrs. Miruki wriggled her supple body, as if imagining reptiles, and rose from her chair. She flung her entire body onto Dr. Kohaku's lap.

「まあ、貴下はどうかなすっていらっしゃるのじゃない?」 と、ミルキ夫人は博士の膝の上で、愕きの声をあげた。




「えッ、も一度おっしゃって!」 と、夫人が博士の胸にすがりついたその時だった。入口の扉《ドア》が荒々しくあいて、サロンへドタドタと飛びこんできた者があった。一人はミルキ閣下、一人は針金毛の女大臣アサリ女史だった。


"What are you going to do?" said the surprised voice of Mrs. Miruki on the doctor's lap.

The doctor didn't respond; he kept staring straight ahead.

"You're body is cold like a corpse. My body feels like it's sitting on ice. This feels horrible. You are alive?"

"Ha, ha, ha," the doctor laughed, "I am living and dead."

"What? Say that again," said the wife now clinging to the doctor's chest. The entry door violently flung open, and stomping footsteps rushed into the salon. One was President Miruki and the other, Madam Minister Asari, the wiry-haired madam minister.





Mrs. Miruki leaped from the doctor's lap faster than light. President Miruki showed large eyes from behind his beard as fists like iron circles were raised. As he closed in on Dr. Kohaku, he said, "I have glimpsed a fine scene. By law, amorous connections are forbidden between the wife of the president and a citizen. I thought I would never witness a scene like this. I don't know whether you knew and acted this way or did not know and acted. For some time now, this profane scene has been broadcast throughout the entire country by television. Not only I know, every citizen of this country knows. What will happen now? Both of you should prepare yourselves."

The doctor assumed a cold attitude.






"If broadcast by television to the entire country, my words spoken in this room should be understood. That should prove my innocence."

From behind him, a hateful, red face appeared on Madam Minister Asari.

"Doctor, that was truly wretched for you. In the television broadcast, only the pantomine dance of you two was seen. The radio carrying your voices was cut off, and the loud speakers were silent. But every last one of nation's citizens knows what the president said."

Dr. Kohaku, who had been silent until now, spoke with unexpected eloquence.

"What? Only our actions were broadcast and not our voices. Is something so foolish acceptable? Not by His Exellency's words, but according to the law, television must always be broadcast with radio."


"Ha, ha, ha," the madam minister rudely laughed.

"The law is what the president sets forth. If you assume that today the president put forth an amendment saying television and radio do not have to be broadcast simultaneously, isn't the doctor's protest without meaning? I am humbled and honored to announce that the law was amended today in that manner. Thus, to only broadcast television is no longer against the law...."






"This deception is unforgivable. The scheme is villainous because our relationship, in particular, will be misunderstood. What is the reason for this slander? For this fraud? Please tell me why."

Dr. Kohaku's words burst forth like fire from his body standing tall. In a breath, the bearded president paled, but his quivering voice gave a command.

"To answer you is futile. Madam Minister Asari, have those two executed as I first commanded," said President Miruki as he dashed out followed by the madam minister, who shut the door.






Until that moment, the beautiful Mrs. Miruki stood with her back to the wall and watched. She was surprised by this situation and tried to flee outside with them. However, the door did not budge, like it was an iron wall.

"Hey, open the door. What will you do to me? Mr. President, it's not what you say."

Just then, from somewhere inside the room, the hiss of vapor escaping a pipe was heard.

The wife realized this first. A lithe finger pointed at her rouged lips as her throat tightened.




"Ah! It's poison gas. Wh..Why are you killing me? Please the door."

A gray-colored poison gas made a soft sound, crawled over the floor, swirled like a mist, and slowly rose. In an instant, the area around the wife's windpipe turned a deep red. Her five slender fingers dyed red. Red drops splashed down on the white silk of her breasts. Her face paled, her breathing became labored, and her entire body heaved like a bellows.

Dr. Kohaku stood like a clay statue in the gray gas. He didn't seem to see the suffering figure of the wife. He looked to be in deep thought.





All of a sudden he began walking and ran round and round in the room like a squirrel. He appeared to be incessantly searching the surfaces of the four walls.

The scene in the room appeared on the outside through a television receiver taken in hand. Mrs. Miruki was in agony against one wall. Dr. Kohaku continued to run around like a madman.

President Miruki and Madam Minister Asai were transfixed by the television receiver. The two were absorbed by the changing movements of his figure in the room.

They soon recognized the danger in his eyes. Dr. Kohaku's face filled the screen of the television receiver. At last, he discovered the transmitter's lens. As expected, in the next instant, as they watched the doctor hold a chair high above his eyes, the screen flashed like a mirror, then the image vanished.









The pair alternated standing in front of the receiver. They tried turning the dial, but no image reappeared on the screen. The television for relaying the situation inside the room was destroyed. President Miruki and the wiry-haired Madam Minister Asari looked at each other. The president said, "We can't see. What should we do?"

"Although we can no longer see, those two are clearly dead."

"They are definitely dead, Madam Minister Asari."


As she said that, a deafening sound could be heard coming from the Mrs. Miruki's room.

"Ah!" exclaimed President Miruki while covering his ears, "What the hell was that sound?"

"Mr. President, we must go quickly and see. The door may have been blown up to help the doctor to escape."



However, the door was shut as tight as before. After a discussion, the two decided to open the door. The electrician standing guard immediately turned on the power. When he pressed a button, the door smoothing dropped down as before.

The two rushed inside the room. It looked like there had been a large explosion. No traces remained of the gorgeous furnishings. The destruction made them want to look away. They saw the blasted arms and legs of a man and a woman scattered on the floor. When the madam minister took one step inside to pick them up, like it was waiting, a whooshing sound was heard, and flames covered the entire floor. The brave Madam Minister Asari had no time to act and crouched down. The scattered limbs remaining on the floor melted away in the river of flames.


Mrs. Miruki and Dr. Kohaku appeared to transform into the smoke of Aroaa Ward. However, the location of the source of the explosion was unknown. After some thought, President Miruki could only believe Dr. Kohaku carried in a bomb. Why did the doctor prepare an explosive? Why would he blow himself up? President Miruki could not understand the circumstances.









The male student Pen and the female student Bara didn't have the slightest idea about what happened to Dr. Kohaku's body.

The two often fooled around loudly in Bara's private room. However, their arousal disappeared without a trace like fog in a blast of wind. They noticed their own sighs in their own weary fatigue.

Each one thought how boring it became.

Pen said, "Lately, you've been too cold."

"It's mutual. There's nothing to do."

Bara stroked the caressing doll at her bedside. A caressing doll was a popular doll that enjoyed touch by rubbing. Citizens were forbidden by law the enjoyment of smoking. This was recently discovered as a delightful substitute habit.







"Do you hate me now?" asked Pen.

"Well? Anyway I haven't been irritated lately. I don't know exactly what, but life these days seems to be incomprehensible dregs somehow building up day by day in the body. I can't help thinking there's an outbreak of urine poisoning of the mind," said Baru.

"I'm feeling that too. In short, you find me disgusting and found another lover."

"Oh, that's a lie. Pen, it's not just you who has become disgusting, everyone has."

"Every human being on Earth disgusts you. I don't feel that. There is a most hated person. Earlier, you said to Poru, 'You became vile to me.' That guy's gross. You said so."

"What did I say?"

「ほら、ポールは自分で解剖していると、君が言ったろう」 「ウン、あのことなの」


「まあ、なんだって? 自分の性を変えるって? ああ、もしかすると——もっとその話のつづきをしてよ」




"Hey, you probably said when Poru dissected himself."

"No, you did."

"Okay. Poru did surgery on his own body. Isn't that ridiculous? This is only for here, but he will change his gender."

"What are you saying? He will change his gender? Tell me how this is possible."

"He told me, but it's not clear. He will use surgery to close shop on being a man and start to be a woman."

"Really? He can do that?"

"Can he? Well, he has a rough idea, but it may all go wrong. Ultra-high frequency surgical techniques have developed and carving up the human body is easy. Bad results come from doing surgery on yourself."





"Since we're in a world with artificial humans, it's possible to do that. But a living person changing his sex by himself is amazing determination and an amazing idea."

What was Bara thinking when she jumped out of bed and flushed with excitement. She tapped on her flat chest with a thick arm.

"You're ridiculous. Why are you so excited?" shouted Pen while frowning.


"Wow, this is great. Poru's done good. He was too good to be a shoemaker. But I always felt that way. That is the only escape from the people oppressing us. No, this is treason against the government. The music bath to glue that soul of hour eighteen hundred, no smoking, and no drinking alcohol, and all our freedoms remain. We are guaranteed eternal life and youth through medical advances. Death is only by the death penalty or by suicide in clever cases. It's all right we don't have children, except under special orders from the government.... If a person receives the death penalty, one woman selected by the government is admitted to the National Reproduction Hospital to be impregnated with one child by an artificial method of conception through surgery to replace that person with one more person.




Long ago, the aim of sexual desire was procreation. Today, we don't know about anything other than sexual desire for sexual desire. In our country of Miruki, each and every one of human freedoms has been stolen. We are only given the independence and freedom of one new sexual desire. But until now, we didn't know the full enjoyment of that freedom. Poru's a genius. He is the country of Miruki's No. 1 hero. He devised a way to turn sexual desire into a sport and to escape from the shackles of sex in order to release humanity into a world with a new freedom. Already, I don't necessarily want to be a woman forever. I'll become a man. If I change from a woman to a man, you would long for me as I have been until now."

Pen was dumbfounded and battered by Bara's fervent speech. He sighed and his trembling lips opened to speak to her.

"That is frightening. You will become a man. Our relationship will end. I feel the pain of life will get even worse."






In an urgent phone call from Minister Asari, the male student Pen and the female student Bara were ordered to their room immediately. They received notification that in five minutes the minister and President Miruki would pay a visit to Arishia Ward.

The pair nimbly jumped onto the express conveyor sidewalk and returned to Arishia Ward by the appointed time.

"I don't see Dr. Kohaku. I wonder what happened."

"Yes, what happened? It's time, but I don't see the professor. This is strange."

Right away the two noticed the doctor's absence. Fearing a rebuke from President Miruki, the two started calling each room looking for him, but the doctor had been seen no where.

「君、実験室の戸棚の中や、机の下も調べたんだネ」 とペンがたずねた。


「誰も知らない? 誰って、誰のことだい」








Pen asked, "Did you look in the closets in the lab and under the desk?"

"Of course. I did everything I could, but didn't find the professor. And no one else knows."

"No one knows? Who do you mean?"

"Ha, ha, ha. Who? Everyone."

Bara looked anxious. What was she thinking? She smiled from embarrassment.

Soon they heard the minister arrive outside the door.

Pen and Bara ran to the door.

"Ah, this is..."

"And the president..."

Although they thought the minister arrived, unexpectedly, the minister accompanied the President Miruki, who haughtily stood there.




Minister Asari glanced contemptuously at Pen and Bara as she barged into the room. She turned away as if she did not know who to speak to.

"Dr. Kohaku of Arishia Ward has been executed due to today's notorious incident with Mrs. Miruki. Thus, for the time being, the post of the head of Arishia Ward will be taken on Minister Asari. The female student Bara will be appointed the interim assistant head. That is all."

Pen and Bara shuddered as if given an electric shock. With the words of Minister Asari, the two came to realize Dr. Kohaku met an unnatural death.


They could not believe the doctor behaved scandalously with Mrs. Miruki. The doctor shut himself off in the lab and worked almost twenty-four hours everyday. He had no room for feelings that lead to misbehaving. Nevertheless, there had been shameful behavior, but what was it? Moreover, Dr. Kohaku was a leading, no, the star scientist in the country of Miruki. He was king of the country of Miruki. By order of President Miruki, the doctor designed and built all cultural facilities. Executing this doctor was equal to the country of Miruki committing suicide. Who would continue his work? This death sentence was reckless. The doctor was in the middle of research on the construction of an artificial human, which was a huge portion of government expenditures. What would happen to that project? Two students felt like everything was collapsing and thousands of gorges were opening up right before their eyes.





"From here on, Bara is the appointed deputy manager. The entirety of Arishia Ward that belonged to Dr. Kohaku will be inspected with the president. The tour will start immediately."

Although Bara was a little elated at being called deputy manager, she was bothered at being a guide in Arishia Ward.

But an order is an order. She reluctantly began from the next workshop and guided to President Miruki's party to each room.

Everything in Arishia Ward was at the top of the same stairs. The number of rooms of all sizes increased to sixteen. However, only Dr. Kohaku knew each one of the sixteen rooms. Bara only knew about nine rooms, and Pen, about only six. Although by law every citizen living in the same ward should know about the ward from corner to corner, Dr. Kohaku broke that law and restricted traffic to the laboratories in proportion to work responsibilities.




The tour until Room No. 6 ended without incident. There were certainly differences, but nothing surprising. At this point, Bara did not forget to warn the group, she turned to them and said, "The rooms from No. 7 on are mainly the secret labs for the artificial human. Therefore, it will be a little different from here on, so..."

When they entered Room No. 7, as expected, large-scale power mechanisms were lined up like a forest. All of them were atomic decomposition engines based on artificial cosmic rays and separated into twenty-four bases. Each base transformed and distributed voltage to each device and a large number of trunk lines. One wall of the room was a spectacle of these distribution lines resembling knitted wool as seen under a microscope. Everything was set up to be soundless like deep in the ocean. This made the room more terrifying.


They entered Room No. 8. This was the reference specimen room. It should have been called the Museum of Artificial Humans. Every model of artificial human devised by human ingenuity since the fourth century B.C. was displayed. Approximately seven hundred types were exhibited: ones resembling puppets, ones resembling samurai in armor, more advanced ones using relays based on electromagnetic controls, and ones that were almost human and covered in artificial flesh. The strange expressions on these specimens of artificial humans turned toward the ceiling and the arrangement of the specimens shoulder to shoulder, unmoving for eternity, made it feel like you had entered a palace of mummies.






The wonder of the rooms on first sight excited Pen who rubbed his hands together and eyes opened wide.

"This is Room No. 9. It will be a little loud," said Bara in the tone of a guide.

President Miruki exchanged glances with the lady minister and looked uneasy. Soon the two stood straight with squared elbows as a bluff before the door passing through to Room No. 9.

As Bara continued to speak as their guide, she hesitated to open the door. Minister Asari immediately noticed and became hysterical like a woman.


と、アサリ女史はバラを睨みつけた。 それでもバラは、もじもじと尻込みをしながら、はんかち[#「はんかち」に傍点]などを出して、しきりに額の汗を拭うのであった。ペンはそれを見ていると恐ろしくなってきて、戸口から遠くへ身を引いた。





"Well, hurry and open the door. There's no reason to dawdle," said Minister Asari scowling at Bara.

Bara fidgeted, flinched, and took out a handkerchief to wipe away the sweat on her brow. Pen was frightened by this sight and backed further away from the door.

The minister's face slowly reddened. Her blood of rage boiled up.

"You can't open it. If you don't open the door, I will open it and go in. However, later, you will ready yourself to be punished."

When the minister was about to push the door, the flustered Bara jumped out in front.

"It's dangerous. Please wait. If you open the door like that, there will be an explosion."

 爆発! と聞いて女史はブルブルと身ぶるいをした。博士をミルキ夫人の室で虐殺しようとしたときに、思いがけない爆発が起って、二人の手足が引裂かれてバラバラになったことを思い出したからである。「ではやむを得ません。只今わたしが安全装置を入れてから開けます」




The minister began trembling when she heard the word explosion. When the doctor was slaughtered in Mrs. Miruki's room, an unexpected explosion occurred. She recalled the arms and legs of both of them were blown off and scattered.

"Well, it can't be helped. It will be opened after I enter a safety apparatus."

Bara seemed to have an idea and was no longer timid. She stood in front of the door and began turning three dials left and right. As blue, red, and yellow pilot lamps flickered in sequence, the door started to quietly move inward. The group passed through the gradually opening gap and gawked in fear at the design in the room.

"Room No. 9 is the room in which the doctor placed prototypes. Please do not tease the living beings in this room."





Guided by Bara, the group stepped fearfully into the room.

As they did, something immediately surprised the group. A naked woman stood in the room staring at their faces.

This naked woman was around seventeen or eighteen years old. Her beautiful arms and legs had a white luster like hardened milk. Their eyes were drawn to her charming face. A search of the world would not find two women as beautiful. Somehow, she resembled Venus de Milo; rather, she was akin to an angel. She literally did not have on a stitch of clothes and was not the least bit shy about her nakedness. She smiled at the group.

"She is a splendidly beautiful woman!" President Miruki shouted filled with lewd delight.

"What is her name?"

「アネットという名がつけてございます」 とバラが少女に代って返事をした。







Instead of the young woman, Bara said, "She is called Anetto."

"What? Anetto? A suitable name, but I think I will give her a more appropriate name."

"But Mr. President, you are mistaken. Anetto is an artificial human being. Please look closely at her body."

"What? Look at her body?"

President Miruki's eyes opened into saucers to search Anetto's body.

"Ah, I see."

When the president's eyes looked down, he laughed without thinking because there he discovered the unfinished parts for a human.



"Let me explain. All the beings kept in this room are Dr. Kohaku's living prototypes. This has four legs like a small pig; and the body and the internal organs are made from artificial meat. The brain was transplanted from a shepard dog. Here the brain of a human infant was transplanted into a monkey..."

Bara stood in front of a metal cage and explained each one.


This was a biological museum of the grotesque. First, it was indecent. Its form was human. A human being raised from milk was immersed in large glass vessel filled with a yellow fluid. He put a glass tube with both hands into his mouth, and continued sucking a purple fluid. When the source of the fluid was examined, it came from a complex chemical apparatus. The front was the yellow fluid in the vessel. In other words, circulation was formed in which the yellow fluid became the purple fluid along the way, passed through a half-human body and again changed into the yellow fluid. Bara explained the novel nutrition experiment.








During Bara's explanation, President Miruki fidgeted. He was captivated by the artificial human Anetto. This was clearly reflected in the eyes of Minister Asari. She gradually paled and trembled.

However, President Miruki oblivious to her separated from the group and returned to where Anetto was standing.

"The beautiful Anetto. What do you do in this room?"

Anetto only laughed and smiled like an idiot.

"Oh, Mr. President," said Bara, her color changed.

"Anetto is a prototype and only communicates through special codes. She does not understand the language of Miruki."

"What? She doesn't understand the language of Miruki? That is inconvenient," he said. The president was further attracted to Anetto's beauty, what could be called the idiot beauty.






When the lady minister's teeth barely came together like she could no longer stand it, she quickly made her way to Anetto. She flashed a knife hidden in an inner pocket. She held the knife in a reverse grip, aimed it at Anetto's heart, and waved her arm enough for one thrust. Too soon or too late, Bara with flushed face risked her life and leaped at Minister Asari's arm and just managed to survive. However, the minister went on a rampage. Bara was electrified.

"Lady Minister, what are you doing?"

"You know nothing. I have the authority to kill this artificial being."

"Please wait before killing her."

"Stay out of my way. Although I cannot kill a live human being, why is it bad to kill an artificial human who came from instruments? This woman is good-for-nothing. I am disgusted when I look at her. I have the right to kill Anetto."





"You can't. You can't kill Anetto. After Anetto was created, she cared for the prototypes in this room for a number of weeks. We exchanged words and became friends. She's no different than a real human. Killing''s too much."

Bara grabbed the hand of the minister holding the knife and would not let go.

"You defy the minister. Very well, I cannot allow that."

"Minister Asari, please reconsider. If the doctor died and the remaining artificial humans were not valued, other people may not be able to create artificial humans again. This would be the greatest loss of the country of Miruki."






"The greatest loss. You are arrogant. Ha, ha, ha. My guess is that you love this artificial human."


With difficulty, the minister grabbed Bara's hair and about to knock her down in a fit of anger. President Miruki was shocked and shouted.

"Wait Minister Asari. In the name of Miruki, I cannot allow you to wound this artificial human being. The artificial human being is a precious research item for the nation. I paid 800 billion rukuru cash for this research. You cannot kill her. Put away that knife."

"Mr. President," said Minister Asari and seized Miruki's collar.

"I will follow your order. However, please make this pledge. Do not speak for good-for-nothing artificial humans as you do to human beings."





"All right. That thing understands. You do know there is no malice in me?"

When she said that, the minister narrowed her eyes a little and her embarrassed face blushed.

In a corner of the room, Pen scowled alone.

"What is this? This sucks. Bara loves that artificial human. The lady minister and President Miruki had an affair. And I can't hold back. My good friend, the shoemaker Poru turned his body into a woman's and definitely wants to be with me. Okay, I'll go now and we'll get to the bottom of this."













The next morning, President Miruki and Minister Asari had breakfast together.

The minister was wearing her nightclothes, and President Miruki was dressed to go out.

"The president slipped out of bed late last night. Hiding would be bad. Where did you go?"

"No, wait a minute, that..."

"The more you hide is bad. Earlier my subordinate saw the president near Arishia Ward."

"Saw me in Arishia Ward?"

President Miruki's eyes widen in shock.

"What was your business? Didn't you sneak out of bed on purpose late at night?"

"What was my business? Nothing must not misunderstand. Do you know what was found yesterday in an investigation of Arishia Ward?"

"What did you find?"




"What was it? In short, yesterday's investigation of Arishia Ward only saw up to Room No. 9. For Room Nos. 10 and higher, there was the commotion of explosions when the doors were forced open. However, seeing nothing from Room No. 10 on was the remaining boring proof of places untouched by my absolute authority in the country of Miruki. It is very regrettable and I went to investigate whether there some means to penetrate inside."

"Lately, that is very brave. As the president's wished, was the interior entered from Room No. 10?" asked Minister Asari sarcastically.






"No, it went wrong."

"You knew almost immediately it went wrong. Nevertheless, why did you wait until morning to go to Arishia Ward?"

"I thought I wanted to open the door somehow. I wouldn't quit."

"Oh, is that so? Did you know which door would be opened?"

Minister Asari held out a red slice of meat pierced by the prongs of a fork toward a blue parrot on a perch surrounded by metal.




「いいえ、ピントははちきれるように丈夫ですわ。でも人造人間の肉はまずくて口に合わないといっているのです」 「え、人造人間の肉だって?」 ミルキ閣下は愕いて椅子から飛び上った。アサリ女史の足許を見ると、大きな金盥《かなだらい》に、赤い肉片が山のように盛られていた。そして顔色を変えるミルキ閣下の目に、金盥のところから血の滴がポタポタと落ち、奥のカーテンの蔭にまでつづいているのが映った。 「うむ、貴様やったな」

The hungry parrot saw this, swiftly opened its beak, and pounced on the piece of meat. But soon the sound was heard of the meat slice plunking down on the floor. The famished parrot freely dropped the meat from its beak.

"Hey, hey, Pinto," the president called to the parrot, "Are you feeling bad?"

Instead of the parrot, Minister Asari answered, "No, Pinto is healthy and full of energy. But the meat is from an artificial human being is horrid and not very tasty."

"What is meat from an artificial human being?"

The shocked President Miruki leaped from his chair. When he looked at the Minister Asari's feet, pieces of red meat piled up like a mountain in a large metal basin. Blood drops from the metal basin dripping down and continuing to the shadow of the inner curtain were reflected into the eyes of the blanched President Miruki.

"You did it."




President Miruki ran to the curtain like he had wings. On the other side of the curtain he saw a mass of elaborate machinery disassembled into pieces. The face of a beautiful woman was attached to one end of the mass of machines. The face was pale, but had a faint, unknowing smile. The instant he saw it, the president erupted in rage like a volcano.

"Wh...Why did you kill her? Why did you kill Anetto? You envied her beauty. Despite my order not to kill her, why did you disobey? Minister, I will not forgive this."

Unperturbed, Minister Asari casually sat in a chair and drank the beverage in her glass.







"Please keep quiet. I believe I acted on behalf of the country of Miruki. In these times of emergency, if the citizens became aware of the president's infatuation with an artificial human being, what kind of disturbance would they cause? As I said earlier, an emergency government should be enacted now. A wise president should know this."

The president did not oppose Minister Asari's words. He turned away to speak.

"I am like someone in a prison cell without bars. I will be unable to obtain an eternally beautiful woman."

Minister Asari looked like she couldn't listen to the president. When he went to sit where he was at the table, he earnestly explained national policy.

"Well, President Miruki, our nation will conduct an emergency promotion from this day on."

"What is an emergency promotion? What do we do?"


「そう思っていたよ、昨日まではネ。しかし人造人間アネットに会ってからは、その考えがグラグラして来た。ああ美しいアネット。あのアリシア区の第十室の奥には、アネットよりもっと美しい人造人間が百人も千人もいるのかもしれない。全く科学は偉大な力だ」 「科学よりは黄金です。わたしは一週間で地下の黄金を掘りだして、そしてミルキ国のあらゆる道路も部屋も天井も壁もすべて黄金づくりにしてしまうのです。なんと素晴らしい計画じゃありませんか。ミルキ国は黄金でもって世界を支配するのです」


"The need for scientists is only beginning. If we've come this far, what remains is putting everything into practice. How to skillfully put into practice and accomplishing a major undertaking goes bad without a politician. Science absolutely does not conquer politics, but politics always conquers science."

"I thought so until yesterday. But after meeting the artificial human being Anetto, that thought became shaky. Oh, the beautiful Anetto. Deep inside Room No. 10 in Arishia Ward, there may be one hundred or a thousand artificial humans more beautiful than Anetto. Science is a thoroughly grand power."

"More than science, there is gold. I will extract the underground gold in a week and then make every road, room, ceiling, and wall in the country of Miruki from gold. Isn't it a marvelous plan? The country of Miruki will dominate the world through gold."

"You say 'dominate the world.' Iron is better than gold. War is not possible with gold."




「ああ音楽浴? 十八時の音楽浴じゃないか」







"No, even with gold, instead of the country of Miruki, many countries are protected by iron. No, the prime minister of a country that comes to start a war will be escorted here to Miruki. If the promise is made to give him one room made of gold, war will not begin."

"Will it be that easy? I am not optimistic."

As he spoke, faint echoes were heard from far off. It was a familiar melody. The musical bath had begun.

"Is that the musical bath? Is it the musical bath at eighteen hundred?" asked the president blinking from surprise, "Wait, isn't it eight o'clock? The musical bath started at the wrong time. What is the administrator doing?"

Minister Asari was not flustered and looked at President Miruki like a child to be admonished.

"Yes, that is the musical bath. From today on, the Decree for the Musical Bath has changed. From now on, the musical bath will take place every hour, that is, twenty-four times a day. By doing this, the people of the nation will work close to twenty-four times harder than now. If that happens, sleep and eating will be unnecessary. If the musical bath is multiplied, the people should work like workhorses without tiring for the next hour and a half. After that, adding the next musical bath is good."

"That is violence. The late Dr. Kohaku did not design the bath to be used in that manner."

"Dr. Kohaku was cunning by nature and deliberately limited the musical bath to once per day. If not, the doctor himself continued to work for twenty-four hours. I've known about that for some time. If not a politician, it is impossible to raise the efficiency of the country to one's full satisfaction. Science is conquered by politicians, and the true grand power is displayed."

The ears of President Miruki vividly felt the painful groans vomited from the citizens' mouths accompanying the progress of the musical bath.





President Miruki was in a bad mood, a complete change from the previous day, and plodded around the room.

The minister sat in front of an electromagnetic wave vanity. As her secretory glands were repeatedly stimulated, she began to speak with an iron-will to President Miruki.

"President, please thank me now. The president probably does not know this, but the present has become a tedious time in which the efficacy of the musical bath has diminished within the country. Strange surgeries are conducted to turn men into women and women into men. The trend is bad behavior that should be spoken of as revolting. As that becomes a trend, the citizens will probably become dispirited. The president is too kind to the citizens. Providing time for sleeping, time for eating, or time for thinking and playing is entirely useless. Other than the leading them to boredom and corrupting them, there are no other effects. The current trend of bad behavior is one piece of evidence of this. Therefore, in order to save the country and the people, I increased the musical bath to twenty-four hours. If the successful effect does not appear, my ideal would be to plan a continuous musical bath. If so, there will be the ability to consistently make them turn to the right and to the left so that each and every citizen will be instructed as an individual human being."








"Freedom will be completely stolen. It may be better not to go that far."

"No, how happy will the nation's citizens be about that? The citizens will not have one worry."

"I think that's awful."

"I believe that the president lacks the talents of a politician. Please do this. As a born politician, if the full responsibility of rule were placed on me, the president could retire. In that case, how easy would that be?"

"You're talking nonsense. That is a plot. I am the eternal sovereign of the country of Miruki. I can't give it to you."

"Ha, ha, ha. No matter what you say, I already own this nation and the president. I am the wisest person in the nation. The president has no choice but to give me the power. Ha, ha, ha."

Minister Asari thrust out her face with high cheekbones and brazenly laughed.




「警報! 天文部長発表。八時四十分観測員は北極星より南東十度の方角に当って、奇怪なるロケット艦を発見せり、その後引続き観測の結果、該ロケット艦の進路は、まさしく吾がミルキ国に向って直進中なることを知りたり。而してロケット艦とわがミルキ国との出会時日は明後日の二十三時なりと推定す」

President Miruki came to learn of the struggle of his beautiful, beloved Mrs. Miruki and the wise god Kohaku in the machinations of the lady minister and stomped in frustration, but regret did not come first. Now he became aware of his own decline into becoming Minister Asari's gigolo.

Around thirty minutes later, an emergency alarm shocked the entire nation of Miruki. What happened?

The citizens heard alarms ring loudly or faintly. All their faces paled from uneasy thoughts, as if prearranged, when they gathered before the loudspeakers. The alarm was raised by Chief of Astronomy Hoshimi.

"Emergency! This is an announcement from the Chief of Astronomy. The 8:40 observer discovered a mysterious rocket ship at the direction of 10 degrees southeast of Polaris and continues to observe the rocket. The rocket ship's trajectory is headed straight to our country of Miruki. The estimated time of contact of the rocket ship with the country of Miruki will be at 23:00 on the day after tomorrow."

 火星のロケットの襲来! 火星の民族が攻めてくるだろうとは、数世紀前から想像されていたことである。その恐怖すべき来襲の幕はいよいよ切って落とされたのだ。





An invasion by a rocket from Mars! Beings from Mars were on the attack. This has been imagined for several centuries. Finally, the terrifying invasion has begun.

Over the last ten days, electromagnetic signals from an unknown transmission station seemed to be actively jamming the receivers. These signals definitely were transmitted from the Martian rocket ship. Soon the Astronomy Department captured the its image in an electronic telescope.

"If it's an invasion from Mars, it will absolutely not be peaceful," Dr. Kohaku previously asserted. The terror appeared as a serious matter that cannot be hidden. What could be the objective of this Martian invasion ? The people of Miruki believe it is the inexhaustible layer of gold buried deep underground in Miruki. For ages, people who embrace riches had to annihilate themselves for those riches.

Amid the imminent national crisis, naturally, the confrontation between Minister Asari and President Miruki had to be suspended.

"President, I believe fault lies in the negligence of the members of the Astronomy Department who, until now, were unaware of the arrival on the day after tomorrow of a rocket ship from Mars."









"We'll consider that later. More importantly, what kind of weapons were observed on that rocket ship? A report should be immediate."

As he said that, a report from the Astronomy Department came over the speaking tube. It was the voice of Department Head Hoshimi.

"Observations are extremely difficult."

"What is going on? I question your patriotism."

"No, Minister Asari. My entire department burns with patriotic spirit. Perhaps, it's too much excitement. No one can calm down to operate the observation equipment and make precise observations. Compared to their usual skill, they are only displaying fifty percent efficiency."

"Humans! Absolutely worthless! Well, can you do it?"

"I am the same. My brain is paralyzed."

"Perhaps, we should apply the musical bath one more time"






「なぜ? それはなぜです」





"No, you can't. The musical bath is paralyzing our brains."

"Nonsense. I will not listen to excuses. If you do not take responsibility for your work, I will immediately dispatch an executioner."

"Madam Minister. If you execute me as you did with Dr. Kohaku, soon would be fine. From what I have discovered a future of further degradation, perhaps, a quick death would be delightful."

"Silence, Hoshimi. You are now relieved of your post as department head and will be jailed. The head of the Astronomy Department will be your assistant Lunami."

"Oh, Lunami. That pitiful Lunami is not fit to be the head of the Astronomy Department."

"Why? Why is that?"

"Lunami has a feeble body and mind, and completely lost his mind because of the musical bath. When he was making observations, he sang patriotic songs in a voice like his throat was shredding, and went on a rampage and smashed the precious equipment of the Astronomy Department to pieces with a wrench. That guy could not bear the stimulation of the musical bath and sadly went insane."

"That's ridiculous. I will go there immediately and see for myself. You are lying and threatening me."

The call ceased.

Minister Asari began to get dressed.






President Miruki looked worried and approached Asari from behind.

"Your going to the Astronomy Department is a problem. Please order the scouts and the bombardiers to challenge the invading rocket ship immediately. If combat preparations are not done, we won't be in time."

Minister Asari puffed her cheeks. Nevertheless, she didn't leave and made video calls to the head of the fast-response scouting squad and the head of the bombardiers.

However, two figures didn't appear on the receiver screen, only empty rectangular walls were reflected.

"Where are they?" President Miruki asked.







"No, the musical bath will begin soon at exactly ten o'clock."

The melody of the musical bath rang faintly from a distance. The two commanders obeyed the law of the musical bath and went out to the hallway to take their respective seats. President Miruki's complexion showed his exasperation.

"What? Isn't this a problem? Combat preparations are being neglected, and everyone is immersed in the musical bath. In times of crisis, all the citizens of the nation have abandoned their posts to take the musical bath. Don't talk such nonsense."

"That isn't so. If the bath is not performed, the entire nation cannot freely operate."

"Even if the Martian rocket ship shoots poison gas bullets, you intend to wait because the musical bath will soon end in the country," said a disgusted President Miruki.








The end of the musical bath was announced. Next, the minister stood before the television phone to call the two squadron commanders for rapid scouting and aerial bombing. Their faces appeared on the screen. As if they made a pact in advance, their large eyes rolled around, and their cheeks were sunken. Their wheezing breaths were like asthma patients. The minister was startled by the sight of the two haggard squadron commanders, unlike how they appeared in the past.

She gave the solemn order to mobilize and to prepare to fight. The two squadron commanders showed loyalty on their withered faces and respectfully received the order. Minister Asari forgot her earlier anger and gloom and exhibited extreme satisfaction.

"Mr. President, what do you think? I've never seen those two squadron commanders trembling with emotion like that."

"Yes, I see. I am sick of seeing the faces of the citizens."

"Well, Mr. President has fragile nerves. It is fine to leave everything to those two loyal squadron commanders."


二人の隊長は、兵士を非常召集して、点呼を行ったことを述べ、 「——その結果、兵士の意気はすこぶる軒昂なるも、彼らは一様に健康を害していまして、戦闘に適するものなんかただの一人もありません」



That was four or five minutes ago. The bell of the television phone rang. The faces of the two squadron commanders from earlier appeared on the screen again. Their faces looked exhausted as if they aged five or six years over just four or five minutes.

The two squadron commanders mustered the troops for the emergency and took roll call. Their words were shocking.

"We must report that the soldiers are in high spirits, but every last one is in poor health. Not one is ready for combat."

The minister refused to believe that. However, as she probed them with questions, sadly, she was forced to believe the fact that the musical bath continued to drive some of the soldiers mad or near mad, and in others, caused a twenty percent loss of body weight in just one day or explosive growth in diseases of internal organs. The scouting and bombing squadrons responsible for repelling the enemy and defending us did not fight and were annihilated. The country of Miruki was committing suicide. While the minister's law for twenty-four musical baths was just three hours old, a terrifying failure had been produced. The only fat and happy people seemed to be Minister Asari and President Miruki who took no responsibility for the immersion in the musical bath.






All the while, each moment brought a report in the faint voice from the Astronomy Department of the approaching Martian rocket ship.

"What should we do?" asked President Miruki, but no longer with a look of despair. The squadron commanders followed this and said from the screen, "Of course, under these circumstances, the Martian rocket ship will easily invade Miruki. If we had at least one hundred strong troops, they could temporarily hold the capital city. No, if one hundred aren't available, fifty would be enough, but the squadrons today...dammit!" The minister's eyebrows fluttered when she heard that. She seemed to have made a decision.










"Is that the final plan?" Minister Asari cried out.

"The final plan?"

"Yes, the final plan. That will be to knock down the inner door from Room No. 10 in Arishia Ward and take out the artificial humans secretly stored inside by Dr. Kohaku. They will form the battle formation."

"Yes! The artificial humans," said President Miruki as he clapped his hands, but with a worried look, he said, "Are the hideous artificial humans inside Arishia Ward? But that door is solid. It may be demolished by using explosives."

"What?! You still aren't sure and are worried. I will get that door open at any cost."

"At any cost?" asked a frowning squadron commander.

The minister stood in the middle of the room and acting like a warrior gave the bold order, "The explosive squadron will attack Arishia Ward and immediately destroy that door. The scouting squadron will stand by as the reserve corps."

On the screen, the expressions of the two commanders froze like dead fish. President Miruki groaned and expertly threw himself onto a sofa chair.

アリシア区では、ペンもバラも昔の面影もどこへやら、みいらのように瘠せ衰えていた。 男学員ペンは画板の上に、なにか訳のわからない機械図を引いていたが、その上には彼の脣から止めどもなく流れだす涎《よだれ》でもって、したたかに濡れていた。男性化してしまった女学員バラは、計算器をガヤガヤと動かしていたが、彼はいくら割っても割りきれない割り算を幾百億の下の桁までも割ろうと無謀な努力を続けていた。そして熱にうかされた人のようにときどきその部屋から突然恋女アネットの名を呼んでいた。


In Arishia Ward, both Pen and Bara were wrecks of their former selves. They had wasted away like mummies. For some reason, the male student Pen had taped a mechanical drawing to the drawing board. An unending line of drool from his lips was dribbled on top to drench the paper. The female student Bara, who turned into a man, noisily worked a calculator and continued his reckless efforts to divide down to several tens of billionths for an impossible division calculation by many divisions. Sometimes the name of the love Anetto was suddenly called out from that room like a delirious person.

The bombing squadron conducted the surprise invasion Arishia Ward like a dark mental hospital. Like a mudflow came the countless exhausted soldiers of the squadron.... The shocked Pen and Bara clung close to the wall like bats.




On the order of the squadron commander, the work began to destroy the road of Room No. 10. This was always the work for one, but this time, twenty people weren't enough. Holding oxyhydrogen flame cutters, people to timidly die came about one after another. The labor was light, but their weak hearts soon stopped.

The minister was in her room to receive the moment-by-moment reports and grew displeased. Bodies piled up in front of door and could no longer be taken away to open the door. Minister Asari ordered in the scouting squadron waiting as the reserve troops.

What could she want from the scouting squadron that was like a team of seriously ill patients?





Nevertheless, the door was finally demolished. However, when they looked inside, still another door was firmly closed. The brave heroes of the scouting squadron fell backwards like toppling bundles of rice.

The minister organized and dispatched a citizen's army. Later, second and third citizen fronts were sent. However, the entrance and exit of Room No. 10 would not give way.

Although the music of the nation of Miruki played endlessly to encourage them, the stimulant exceeding the maximum dose for them only pointlessly encouraged fainting. Finally, the only people of the country of Miruki with some strength were President Miruki and Minister Asari.

The minister did not cancel the attack order. She seemed weary.








Finally, the two stood and left the room and advanced to Arishia Ward along the corridor. First, they were baptized by the musical bath. They felt good. However, as they moved forward, the feverish pitch of the musical bath gradually steamed their brains. Discomfort like wanted to vomit steadily increased. Finally, the two almost stumbled into the entrance to Arishia Ward.

It was spinechilling. Heaps of corpses were all around. The two looked around in horror. The unopened door seemed to be sneering at the two from the inside.

"Are we going?" asked President Miruki.

"We are going," promptly replied Minister Asari.

"Well, let's rush the door."

"Yes, well..."

What was the objective in rushing the door? Even now the two didn't seem to have any idea. However, they burned with the spirit to die for their country and succumbed to their own orders. At the final moments of the country of Miruki, the pair fearlessly rammed the iron door.




At that instant, the pair felt their entire bodies engulfed by yellow sparks. That was the end. They lost consciousness as if flying off a cliff. At that moment, the room returned to the tranquility of a one-hundred-year-old graveyard.

If someone were listening carefully, he would notice mysterious sounds like some object being dragged deep underground. The strange sounds passed through the thick walls and gradually got louder as if rising up from underground. Finally, the sounds heard resembled metallic clanks and rattles. The black iron front door of Room No. 10, which until now appeared to be mysteriously anchored to a huge boulder, started to slowly and noiselessly move toward the interior. Someone seemed to be opening the door.

Someone was inside.






The figure revealed at the opened entrance of Room No. 10 was not anyone, but Dr. Kohaku who they thought had been killed. He appeared dressed in armor strangely looking exactly like a beetle. Behind him, as many as five hundred artificial human beings resembling Anetto silently followed.

The doctor turned the first dial attached to his armor. A faint red flame flew out of electrical discharge gaps at the doctor's shoulders. The melody of the musical bath of Miruki heard from far away until now stopped as if switched off.

Next, the doctor turned a second dial. The artificial humans following behind the doctor quickly slipped past the doctor in silence and came out to the front in proper lines. Two of them remained in the room in place of Pen and Bara. The artifical humans were placed at important positions in place of the citizens of Miruki.

The doctor turned a third dial.

First there was silence, then an bracing melody began.


博士は静かに肯いた。新しい人間性の讃美の音楽浴! 累々たるミルキ国の屍人たちはその新しい音楽浴を聞いて甦るのであろうか。





In a short time, the face of one artificial human moved to the screen of the television phone in the room. He spoke to the doctor.

"The music stipulated by the laws of Miruki was completely destroyed. In its place, the musical bath in praise of humans has begun."

The doctor silently nodded. A musical bath in praise of a new humanity! Will the piles of the dead of Miruki hear the new musical bath and be restored to life?

However, the cold corpses stayed immobile, like gravestones.

Dr. Kohaku entered the command post where a magnificent command console was installed to control the five hundred soulless artificial human beings.

While the electrical guns hummed, they were aimed Martian rocket ship and continued firing heavy artillery.

This control was by the hand of one artificial human being.




Several hundred attack rocket ships suddenly rocketed in a straight line from the Earth's surface in the sky. Underground, mountains of shell artillery, poison gas shells, and demagnetization shells were built. All these munitions were made by the hands of the artificial human beings.

The doctor listened with rapt attention to the melody of the musical bath in praise of humanity echoing serenely from far away.

The song praises humanity. Is it played for the citizens of Miruki who became cold corpses? Is it played to transplant the souls of humans into the beautiful artificial humans created by the doctor? No, it is a dirge played for the tyrant Kohaku, the sole survivor. To the doctor who possessed a superior mind, restoring to life the mountains of dead of Miruki was not a serious problem. However, the doctor absolutely did not have the will. A scientist, in the end, is that sort of heartless person.



However, Dr. Kohaku held a firm belief and the highest confidence in Utopia he always held up as the ideal and was working to build one. Earlier, the doctor became aware of the minister's evil plot. He sent an artificial human who looked exactly like him to visit Mrs. Miruki's home and blew it up. The first reason was to be able to reach this day. The second was to leave no traces of the artificial human that was blown up and killed.

While surrounded by the new musical bath in praise of humanity, the new nation of Kohaku's artificial human beings started to build a new world.


  • 十八時の音楽浴
  • 著者名: 海野十三
  • 入力:大野晋
  • 校正:もりみつじゅんじ
  • 翻訳者:シェリー・マーシャル

The End

© 2017 Shelley Marshall