First Drafts - A Collection of My Writings

Osamu Dazai lists some of his novels.



A Collection of My Writings

Osamu Dazai


The latest collection of my creations was Bannen [The Setting Sun], published by Sunagoya Shobō in 1936. The first edition might have numbered about five hundred books. I don't clearly remember. After that, Shinchō-sha published Kyokō no Hōkō [Wandering in Fiction]. Next, Hangasō Bunkō published Nijū Seiki Kishu [Twentieth Century Flagbearer], which is out of print.

 しばらく休んで、一昨年あたりから多くなりました。紙の質も、惡くなりました。一昨年は、竹村書房から「愛と美について」砂子屋書房から「女生徒」女生徒は、ことしの五月に再版になりました。  昨年は、竹村書房から「皮膚と心」京都の人文書院から「思ひ出」河出書房から「女の決鬪」が出ました。

I took a break and accomplished a lot over the past year. Quality paper has gotten worse. Last year, Ai to Bi ni tsuite [On Love and Beauty] from Takemura Shobō and Jōseito [Schoolgirl] from Sunagoya Shobō were published again in May of this year. Last year, Hifu to Kokoro [Skin and Heart] was published by Takemura Shobō, Omoide [Memories] by Jinbun Shoin in Kyoto, and Onna no Kettō [The Women's Duel] by Kawade Shobō

 ことしは、實業之日本社から「東京八景」が出ました。二、三日中に、文藝春秋社から「新ハムレツト」が出る筈です。それから、すぐまた砂子屋書房から「晩年」の新版が出るさうです。つづいて筑摩書房から「千代女」が、高梨書店から「信天翁」が出る筈です。「信天翁」には、主として隨筆を收録しました。七月までには、みんな出るでせう。  少し休みたいと思ひます。私はことし三十三であります。女の子がひとりあります。

This year, Jitsugyō no Nihonsha published Tōkyō Hakkei [Eight Views of Tokyo]. In a few days, Bungeishunjū should publish Shin Hamuletto [The New Hamlet]. After that, the new edition of Bannen [The Setting Sun] will come out immediately from Sunagoya Shobō. Next, Chiyojo will be published by Chikuma Shobō and Shintenō [Albatross] by Takanashi Shoten. Shintenō is mainly a collection of essays. All will be out by July. I think I'd like to rest. I'll be thirty-three this year and have a little girl.


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