First Drafts - One Question and One Answer

Osamu Dazai is asked a few questions and answers them.



One Question and One Answer

Osamu Dazai




"Could you please tell me your recent thoughts?"

"I'm troubled."

"It's a problem for me when you're troubled. What can you tell me?"


"Lately, I've strongly felt that people must be honest. The feeling is idiotic, but while walking down the street yesterday, I felt that fully. Because people try to deceive, life becomes difficult and a little confusing. When a person speaks honestly and moves forward with honesty, life truly becomes simple. There is no failure. Failure is a situation in which someone tries to deceive but is unable to deceive. Also, a lack of desire is important. Why is it when someone's greedy, he wants to deceive a little? When he tries to deceive, various complications arise. In the end, his true colors are revealed, and his thoughts become mediocre. This idea is obvious, but it took me thirty-four years to understand just this."



"What do you feel when you reread the work you wrote as a young man?"

"I feel like I'm opening an old album. People do not change, but clothes do. Sometimes I look at those clothes and smile."



"Do you adhere to some sort of creed?"

"In life, I'm always thinking about love, but not only me, everyone should be thinking about it. But this is difficult. Things like love may be thought of as mushy and sentimental but is a complicated subject. What is love? I still don't know. It feels like a rarely used word. Although I feel like a man who harbors deep feelings of love, I also feel the opposite. Anyway, it's hard. I sense a slight connection to the honesty mentioned earlier. Love and honesty. Know or don't know. Anyway, I still don't know. Honesty is a real problem. Love is an ideal. Well, my creed in this case is what I said but may be hidden. I still don't know."



"Are you a Christian?"

"I don't go to church, but I read The Bible. In this world, I believe the types of people who can properly understand Christ, as much as a Japanese person can, are few. Even in Christianity, I wonder if Japan will become central in a future world. The Christianity of Western people these days is actually listless."




"The season of exhibitions will be here soon. What will you see?"

"I still haven't seen any exhibition anywhere. These days, few people enjoy pictures. There is no enjoyment at all. The life force is weak.

"I'm a fool, only say arrogant things. Forgive me."


The End

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