Manga cover The Mysterious Ball by Kiyohara Hitoshi

This is the web manga The Mysterious Ball [ふしぎなたま] by Kiyohara Hitoshi [清原きよはらひとし] published by Kusabunsha in 1933.

Some of the kanji in the original Japanese text were written in older forms. This version uses the modern Joyo kanji with ruby added for every kanji to give the pronunciation. English translations have been added.

If you want to read more about Icchiku (in Japanese), this manga 一竹いっちくさん by Kiyohara Hitoshi [清原きよはらひとし] is a longer, black-and-white version of this manga. Unfortunately, some of the panels were poorly reproduced.

一〇 二〇 三〇 四〇 五〇 六〇 七〇 八〇 九〇 一〇〇 一一〇 一二〇 一三〇 一四〇 一五〇 一六〇